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Our Services

We offer a wide range of patient services:
  • General Health
  • Prevention & Wellness

  • Vaccinations

  • Work/School/Travel Exams

  • Minor Ambulatory Procedures

  • CLIA Waived Laboratory Services

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • COPD & Asthma care
  • Ear Syringing
  • Flu/Pneumonia Immunization
  • Medical Weight Loss 
  • Online Access to Patient Information

We Also Offer

ACE Medical also offers quality diagnostic testing on site, for the convenience of our patients, so they don't have to go to several places, such as:

  • Accredited Echocardiography Lab

  • Accredited Ultrasonography (including ABI testing) Lab

  • Nuclear Stress Testing Lab

  • ElectroNystagmography/ Vestibular AutoRotation Testing Lab

  • Computed Radiography (on site X-rays)

  • IV Infusion Services including IV antibiotics

  • Weight Loss and Wellness Service

  • Onsite laboratory service provided by Labcorp

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